Welcome to MUFF. The indie sitcom made by Daniel Sloss and Tom Stade (and some other people, but you haven’t heard of them.) Have a look around, watch some episodes, share with friends, put your feet up, leave a comment because you know you fucking want to, you slut. And enjoy! Or don’t. Not much we can do about it now.


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  • I donated ten pounds to see this fucking shit and now I just wish I’d given the money to a cancer charity instead. And not one that is looking for a cure. One that actively helps and spreads cancer. That would be a better way of spending that ten pounds.

    Alan from Shoreditch
  • I watched this at my mothers funeral as it was the only way I could get myself to cry.

    Deborah from Bristol
  • Fuck me, what a load of shite. I just had to pop down to the hospital to get one of those abortions because I refuse to bring a child into the world where this is around.

    Mary from Glasgow
  • You needed six grand to fund and make this, how much do you want to make it go away?

    Ian from Penicuik
  • I bet Donald Trump loves this show.

    Sofie from Halifax
  • Great show! Hardly any muslims.

    Donald Trump
  • I thought it was actually quite good.

    Katie from Hull
  • Fuck you, Katie

    Martin from Essex
  • Yeah. Jump off a bridge Katie, you fucking moron.

    Troy from Brighton
  • Why are people on the internet so mean? Ahhhhhhhhh *splat*

    Katie. R.I.P
  • Is there a counselling group that I can go to for people that have also suffered through this infuriatingly bad pile of shit? Or do I just have to become an alcoholic like my father? Because I’m definitely up for molesting myself.

    Chris from Fife
  • I’d like to punch the back of Daniel Slosses head while he was sucking Tom Stades dick so that he’d choke to death and on the way down he’d hopefully sever an important artery in Stades dick and then just watch them both die. This comment has nothing to do with the show, which I actually quite liked.

    Karli from London
  • Absolutely amazing. Best thing I’ve ever seen. Revolutionary. The future. Superb.

    Shmom Shmade from Not Canada
  • I thought it was excellent written.

    Shmaniel Shmloss from Not Edinburgh


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